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What are the WEEE Regulations?

WEEE Regulations for disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
...Information for business customers in the Republic of Ireland

WEE Directive symbol Part of BT Logo Look out for this symbol!

If the symbol shown here is found on any of your goods, it means that the product is classed as Electrical or Electronic Equipment and should not be disposed of with other household or commercial waste at the end of its working life.

The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (SI 340 of 2005) have been put in place to recycle products using best available recovery and recycling techniques to minimise the impact on the environment, treat any hazardous substances, avoid the increasing landfill and to increase re-use.

If you are a consumer customer in the Republic of Ireland, you should read our WEEE Help Article found on our consumer website, dabs.ie.

Important NOTICE to ALL Business Customers in the Republic of Ireland

Irish Waste Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2005 ("the WEEE Regulations")

Business Customers buying from BT plc (dabs.ie or businessdirect.btireland.com) hereby agree to take on the legal obligation as "Producer" and for the recovery and disposal of EEE in accordance with the WEEE Regulations both on purchase and when the EEE reaches its end of life.

dabs.ie and businessdirect.btireland.com are both trading names of BT plc a corporate entity established and registered in the United Kingdom.

Article 13 of the WEEE Regulations, SI 340 of 2005, provides for distance selling and registration of same. As BT plc does not have an established presence in the State, our Business Customers are therefore deemed to be the "Producer" of EEE. It shall be your responsibility, as direct importers of the EEE to the State, to register with the WEEE Register as a "Producer" of EEE.

The Business Customer and BT plc acknowledge that for the purposes of Article 18 of the WEEE Regulations this paragraph shall be an agreement stipulating other financial arrangements for the environmentally sound management of WEEE.

The Business Customer acknowledges: (a) that it will register with the WEEE Register at its sole cost and relieve BT plc of all responsibilities due to improper disposal of the waste product; (b) Dabs shall upon written request from the Business Customer and without cost or charge to the Business Customer provide all information and data on any dangerous substance or preparation or hazardous substance contained in the sold Product; (c) the Business Customer shall take on the obligations in the WEEE Regulations for the sound environmental management of WEEE and hence the Business Customer shall be responsible for such information recording or reporting obligations imposed by Article 23 of the WEEE Regulations; (d) the Business Customer shall ensure that the WEEE is treated in accordance with the requirements of Article 21 of the WEEE Regulations; and (e) the Customer will become responsible for achieving the recovery and recycling targets stipulated in Article 22 of the WEEE Regulations.

Further information on WEEE can be found at www.btireland.ie/weee

BT plc WEEE Registration Number is WEE/AH0065TW


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